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Welcome to the blog, in this blog you would know new places you can go on your vacations

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Where is Teocuitatlan?

  Location: The municipality of Teocuitatlán de Corona is located southeast of the state, at the coordinates 20º 01 ’30’ ‘at 20º 12′ 30 ” north latitude and 103º 11 ’20’ ‘at 103º 30’ 00 ” West, at an altitude of 1375 meters above sea level. Delimitation: It limits to the north with the municipalities […]

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Where is Llera?

This municipality is near of the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra of Tamaulipas. Llera belong to economic region on the center of the estate. It border at the north with Victoria and Casas, at the south with Gomez Farias, Xicontencatl and Gonzalez, at the east border with Casas and on the west west wit […]

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Where is Papantla?

  The municipality has a territorial extension of 1,119.26 square kilometers, bordering to the north with the municipalities of Cães de Herrera and Tihuatlán; To the south with Martinez de la Torre and with the State of Puebla; To the east with the Gulf of Mexico, Tecolutla and Gutiérrez Zamora and to the west with […]

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My Experiences in Poza Rica

I have been some vacation in Poza Rica, I have been on some places like the Juarez Park, I have visited some stores and I bought some little things and food, also I went to the Tajin and seen the big pyramids   Also I have been eaten excelent food and I have been eaten tamales, […]

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My Experience in Cholula

I have been some vacation in Cholula, I have been on some amazing places like the great pyramid, I have visited some souvenirs stores and I bought some little things, also I walked to the top of the pyramid and I was very tired after that but I could see the whole city from that place […]

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