Where is Papantla?


The municipality has a territorial extension of 1,119.26 square kilometers, bordering to the north with the municipalities of Cães de Herrera and Tihuatlán; To the south with Martinez de la Torre and with the State of Puebla; To the east with the Gulf of Mexico, Tecolutla and Gutiérrez Zamora and to the west with Poza Rica, Coatzintla and Espinal.

My experience on Papantla

One of the places I went to in Papantla was the “Nuestra Senora de Asunción” where, in the same place, the “Papantla voladores” Is an invocation to the four directions of the universe, as well as to the water, the wind, the earth, the Moon and the Sun -Chichiní-, because they are indispensable elements to create life on earth, these people their clothes were wearing clothes throws with feathers but at the arrival of the conquerors they knew the fabrics and thus evolved the way of dressing

Imagen relacionada

Another place to which you can go is the “Monument to the flying” that is in a lock But worth the climb as much as the view into the eyes of all Papantla is beautiful.Resultado de imagen para papantla


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