Where is Teocuitatlan?


Location: The municipality of Teocuitatlán de Corona is located southeast of the state, at the coordinates 20º 01 ’30’ ‘at 20º 12′ 30 ” north latitude and 103º 11 ’20’ ‘at 103º 30’ 00 ” West, at an altitude of 1375 meters above sea level.
Delimitation: It limits to the north with the municipalities of Zacoalco de Torres, Jocotepec and Tuxcueca, to the south with Atoyac and Conception of Buenos Aires; To the east with Tuxcueca and to the west with Atoyac and Zacoalco de Torres.
Extension: Its territorial extension is of 412.67 square kilometers.
Climate: The climate there in the morning is cool and in the afternoons the sun rises and it is very hot so at night it is a little cold every day.

My experience in Teocuitatlan


From the house where I stayed to sleep was reached to see a very beautiful hill, the memories that remain there are very beautiful I listened to the stories that told us my aunts as it was there, I still remember very well things They told my cousins and me.


My grandmother has prepared pajaretes this is a drink of coffee, alcohol, sugar and cow’s milk actually this tastes very delicious take all people up to children 2 years.


This is the street of san juan in chamacuero teocuitatlan .. we have traveled this street to get to a bullring where there is band and other things to have a nice time.


My aunts have prepared the food during the days that we are with them like the sopes, gorditas, mole, lamb to the shepherd, birria, menudo, among other typical foods of mexico.


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